About Me

My name is Kim.  I am 36 and a divorced mom of 2 girls, Kristi (10 years) and Katie (2).  We live in (mostly) sunny Florida.

I am a liberal Christian, having been brought up and confirmed into the United Church of Christ.  While I still am a member of the UCC, I am presently attending a United Methodist church, which I find very similar to the UCC.

(I probably just shocked some of my SQPN friends with the above statement, LOL.)

I was born with a cleft lip & cleft palate.  This accounts for the little twist in my top lip (if you see pictures of me) and also for the nasal sound when I talk (I’ve made a few podcasts that you can listen to).  Read more about my cleft experience at my Born to be Cleft site.  It’s a bit outdated but gives you an idea.

I graduated college with a Psychology degree and later a History degree.  I love to find out why people do the things they do, where traditions came from, why are things the way they are.

So in addition to psychology and history, I also love learning about religions of all types.  My favorite way of learning about religions is right from the source.  I don’t like to hear gossip about a religion from an outside source, especially when they had never personally dealt with that faith.  I have Jehovah’s Witness relatives, both on my side and my ex-husband’s.  I studied with witnesses for 3 years to have a better understanding, had Bible studies, went to their meetings, went to a few book studies, read their books, and learned that it was not the religion for me.  While the people were friendly and I learned the order of the Bible better, I had many issues with many of their teachings.

I had Catholic relatives, and also have Catholic friends who I like to hang out with online.  That is primarily thanks to a Dutch priest, Father Roderick Vonhögen, who is a Roman Catholic priest, podcaster and runs the Star Quest Production Network.  A number of SQPN fans meet at SQPN Connect on the Ning and follow each other on Twitter and Plurk

Most interesting non-Christian religions to me are Judaism, Buddhism, & Sikhism.

What does Calvero mean?

I have been on the internet since January 1995 and have been using the username “Calvero” a couple months later.  The name comes from the 1952 film Limelight starring Charlie Chaplin.  I decided on the name when I first sign up for a BBS called Dynasty based out of Orlando.  I wanted a Chaplin related name. “Charlie” was already taken and since that was the name Chaplin used in almost all of his films, there’s wasn’t to many others to choose from. There was “Hynkel” from The Great Dictator, but since this was a spoof off of a mass murderer, I decided against it.  “Shadov” from A King in New York was a possible choice.  But in the end I thought Calvero was best.  It sounded cool and even though it’s used as a last name in the movie, it sounded like a guy’s name which was what I wanted.  I was not interested in being jumped on in a chat room (Later on, I did briefly use a female name and met my now ex-husband).  And since March of 1995, I have stuck to that name.

Things I blog about

My main interests which are the following, in no real order:

  • my family (you’ll see a lot of tweets about that!)
  • Sherlock Holmes  – been a fan since the centennial (1987) after reading Hound of the Baskervilles in school. Also psyched about the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. coming out later this year!
  • Classic comedy – love Smothers Brothers and Charlie Chaplin the most, but everyone else is a close second (Abbott & Costello, Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, etc.)
  • Sci-fi – Always loved Star Trek and Star Wars but I think I can say my all time fav is Doctor Who. Been a fan since around 1986. Favorite Doctor is #4 (Tom Baker) and #10 (David Tennant) though I love them all!
  • Cleft lip & Palate – already explained about this but from time to time I’ll write about it
  • My tweets from Twitter. I have it set up to post once a week.

Currently I am…

… working on being a writer.  I am working on a time travel story about a girl who meets a mysterious guy who takes her back in time to various eras of Ancient Rome (huge gap of time there. One thousand years worth of things I could pick from!)  That’s all I’m going to write about it here. I may give clues from time to time in my tweets 😉

And, no, it’s not a Doctor Who fanfic… though I could always do one of those for fun :D.

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