Past week's tweets 2010-08-29

  • relaxing and watching tv with my girls. #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Is Obama a Muslim? Examine the Evidence! #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Doctor Who – 45 years – Ten Faces – One Legend #
  • taking care of some chores while listening to Doctor Who tunes #
  • Listening to more Doctor Who music. 3 yr old asks "Sherlock Holmes?" "Close sweetie, Doctor Who". And she dances to it. She's so cute! 🙂 #
  • doing some work and listening to the 2009 Sherlock Holmes soundtrack (wanted to give the Doctor Who music a break) #
  • Cooking meat & potaoes for shepard's pie for dinner, one of my kids' favs! #
  • I liked a YouTube video — White and Bertie #
  • Kids finishing up dinner. Simple soup & sandwichs #
  • Going to do some reading, then bed. Good night! #
  • hi everyone near and far. #
  • taking a break from reading, and trying out Netflix's app on my iPod Touch. Watching Julie & Julia. Looks & sounds good! #
  • Watching classic A-Team. "When you have a problem, and no one will help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the ATeam" #
  • Watching the end of Bruce Almighty on fox #
  • Now watching "Inside the Marx Brothers" on Netflix via Wii #
  • Watching Sister Act. Love Woopi! #

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