Past week's tweets 2010-04-04

  • this both hilarious and sad at the same time: "Councilman Booted for Tending to FarmVille" #
  • watching @FatherRoderick live for The Break podcast #sqpn #
  • hangs up sign that reads: "Do Not Disturb! Watching Sherlock Holmes DVD" 🙂 #
  • While the Holmes movie still kicked butt on the second viewing, the DVD *seriously* lacked in special features. Waiting for Blu-Ray for that #
  • Time for bed! G'night! #
  • I liked a YouTube video — How The Wizard of Oz Should Have Ended #
  • I believe in the big bang theory. God spoke it and BANG, it happened – more funny statuses: #
  • Oh, to live in the UK!RT @drwholocations: SJA Filming believed to be at Clinton Road this evening. #
  • says: Life is Music, Play it LOUDER – more funny statuses: #
  • Having Faith,joy,hope and love in your life is better than a paycheck! – more funny statuses: #
  • I liked a YouTube video — The making of Old Spice's commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like #
  • watched some Sherlock Holmes while folding laundry, now to bed. G'night! #
  • RT @TVShowsOnDVD: Rest In Peace: John Forsythe (Dynasty, the voice of "Charlie" in Charlie's Angels) passed away yesterday at age 92. #
  • I liked a YouTube video — The Film Cynics DVD Review: Sherlock Holmes #
  • RT @ebertchicago: Alec Guinness's birthday. He was deeply involved with coronets and kind hearts. #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Will Grayson, Will Grayson #

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