Sherlock Holmes fan music videos, part 2

Wouldn’t you know it? The next day after my post about my favorite Holmes fanvids, I found another really good one…

Holmes & Watson- Fix You

I got a little choked up when I watched the Read My Mind fanvid, but this one really got me choked up. The below one is done to ColdPlay’s “Fix You”, also featuring clips from the Granada series. As with Read My Mind, the editing done in time with the song is top notch.

Sherlock Holmes – Safety Dance

This one is a bit repetitive, but fun. Men Without Hats classic 80s song, “Safety Dance”. More Granada clips (are you getting the impression that the Granada series was/is that popular among fans? :D)

Sherlock can do anything

One that made me laugh was this one done to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Sueade Shoes”. And no need to adjust your computer, it is double speed.

I love how Holmes throws paper around the room. Poor Mrs. Hudson!

These (especially “Read My Mind” and “Fix You”) have got me thinking about putting together a fan video of my own. I already have a couple songs in my head, and have been working out what parts could go where. Maybe one day I’ll finally make it 🙂

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