Past week's tweets 2009-12-06

  • goooood morning world! 😀 #
  • I got Google Wave! …well, that's enough excitement for me today. back to spending time w/ Kate, lol #
  • home from work. got some presents as well. Not saying what it is since Kristi sometimes reads my messages 😉 #
  • time to finish up for this year's #nanowromo . It's not near done but I think I'll work on it more. It's been fun writing it 🙂 #
  • when it's done I'll put it on my blog & also (great fanfics) & (great Doctor Who fanfics) #
  • Yay! went over my #nanowrimo goal pf 5k. Nanowrimo site says it's 5024 words, Openoffice says 5288. Either way, it's good 🙂 #
  • good night! #
  • good morning! (did I already say that? I don't remember) #
  • just ate breakfast with Katie and took care of dishes. Now back to folding and hanging laundry #
  • morning! #
  • picked up Kristi from school. Had a temp of 102 😦 . Made her drink some water. Now she's relaxing playing her DS #
  • good night! #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — $40,000 of Red Balloons #
  • good night! #

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