Past week's tweets 2009-09-13

  • making chicken cor don bleu for dinner 🙂 #
  • also making garlic mashed potatoes and corn on the cob along with the chicken cordon bleu. Going to be a hearty meal! #
  • good night! see you in the morn #
  • home from work. Ate pancakes for dinner, and now watching @FatherRoderick live from Australia #
  • time for me to go to bed. Let’s see what happens tomorrow! 🙂 Night! #
  • just got home. watching Obama talk to Congress while following live Tweets about it #
  • Had Beatles songs going through my head at work today. Wonder why? 😀 I Want To Hold Your Hand #
  • good morning! About to pick up Katie from presschool #
  • Beatles in 16 places of Amazon’s Music top 25 (including all of top 5) at the moment #
  • I gave Katie a pencil and paper to doodle on. She’s “writing” … right to left. Maybe our family has some Jewish blood? #
  • uploading Beatles music that I do have (only a couple albums.. pitiful!) to my Zen player #
  • listening to Beatles, bouncing from ’64 to ’67 while working on one of my sites #
  • watching MSNBC. They are replaying what was on at this exact time 8 yrs ago on the Today show #
  • watching @ricksteves on Hulu visiting Iran while eating lunch. Katie is watching Charlie Brown & Snoopy #
  • RT @LAWeekly What Would 9-11 Be Like in the Age of Social Media? – Los Angeles Art – Style Council #
  • back from work. Saw several customers wearing NYPD and FDNY shirts today #
  • RT @LIFE: In Praise of 9/11 First Responders: #
  • looks like an awesome film! 😀 RT @Liturgy: DOCUMENTARY PREVIEW: Lord save us from your followers #

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