Past week's tweets 2009-07-26

  • been recovering from diarrhea the last couple days. bleh. starting to get my strength back today #
  • feeling a bit more up. Managed to eat a decent-size meal and not throw up 😀 #
  • time to get to bed. Fortunately I have another day off tomorrow to recover 🙂 #
  • watching Wheels on the bus with Kate #
  • now watching Playhouse Disney OSO Special #
  • posted a few minutes ago in Charlie Chaplin forum "Chaplin & 20 Questions" #
  • g'night world! #
  • g'morning! Feeling back up to speed today :). Time to catch up on some errands today. #
  • Kristi wants to watch Doctor Who's "Blink", even after I warned her how scary it is #
  • She's been begging me to see it after she heard @coollike 's song inspired by it
    #doctorwho #
  • got 5/5 after playing Truth or Fail: Harry Potter Edition
    I guessed 4/5, lol #
  • home from work. chowing on some pizza and a coke #
  • nighty night! #
  • home from work. kids are in bed. slowly getting quiet in the house #
  • good morning! 😀 #
  • watching Special Agent OSO "License to Clean" with Katie #disney #

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