Past week's tweets 2009-07-12

  • Katie is in for her nap #
  • watching @chamcircuit 's "An Awful Lot of Running" music video with Kristi, again,
    #doctorwho #
  • Good afternoon. Was busy with things around here that I haven't had a chance til now to sit and relax 🙂 #
  • @Montymark penguin is cute! Makes me wonder what was in *front* of that guy's camera 😉 in reply to Montymark #
  • making lunch… hmm, now what should I have? #
  • playing Shaun the Sheep DVD for Katie. Her new favorite. #
  • ok, *now* she is set. Cheerios, apple juice, and Shaun the Sheep #
  • in chatroom with a bunch of ppl watching @FatherRoderick live #
  • writing email #
  • bed time? already? Awww 😦 #
  • watching Michael Jackson's funeral live on @cbsnews 's ustream #
  • Staples fixed audio. CNN feed is several seconds behind @cbsnews's ustream feed #michaeljackson #
  • home from work, ate dinner, watching random YouTube videos. taking off hole-y socks (time to get some new ones!) #
  • Katie in for a nap. Now I'm going to try and install CivCity Rome. Research for book 😉 #Rome #pcgames #
  • thunder & pouring rain, 88F #
  • Katie is sitting on my lap watching Shaun the Sheep #
  • @nerdwriter Disney Karaoke with kids is better than other types of karaoke 🙂 in reply to nerdwriter #
  • good night internet dwellers! #
  • home from work, picked up Kristi, and dinner is underway. And my feet are feeling better now that I'm sitting down for a few minutes 🙂 #
  • watching @FatherRoderick record Daily Breakfast live #
  • watched Agatha Christie's Poirot story "Mrs. McGinty's Dead". Doctor Who's "Unicorn and the Wasp" makes more sense now 🙂 #
  • time for bed. Good night, and good luck! #
  • busy day today. And still going! #
  • now watching @coollike 's "Truth or Fail! English Edition! with Charlie McDonnell"
    Got 1st one! #
  • #michaeljackson RT @andersoncooper: Michael Jackson’s Memorial Program Book #
  • cooking dish with celery, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and green beans. Modding recipe as usual 🙂 #
  • Awesome! got @chamcircuit 's album in the mail today 😀 #dftba #doctorwho #trock #
  • going to snack on fresh fruit #
  • decided on blueberries :)… yum! #
  • cleaned the bathroom. Lemony fresh! glad I ate blueberries beforehand 😀 #
  • watching Bill Moyers interview fmr Vice-President of Cigna, Wendell Potter re: health insurance #
  • watching pt 2 of Moyers/Potter interview talking about @mmflint 's Sicko movie #
  • writing writing and more writing while listening to @chamcircuit 's album #
  • time for bed. good night 🙂 #
  • eating b'fast while watching a documentary on Harry Potter fans, "We Are Wizards" #
  • home from a busy day at work. eating a small bowl of cherries (because that's what life is 😉 ) #
  • watching recorded ustream of Daily Breakfast #665 "Trashformers". Missed the first few minutes of the show #sqpn #

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