Past week's tweets 2009-07-05

  • went to church, then Sunday School, then lunch (though more like breakfast: pancakes). Now Katie is napping, Kristi reading and I'm cleaning #
  • home from a long day at work. Eating while watching A&E Biography on HG Wells #
  • watching Quantum Leap "The Right Hand of God" #
  • @factory_worker that was awesome seeing Neil Young and Sir Paul rocking out! πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing! in reply to factory_worker #
  • morning internet world! #
  • trying to watch @gregwllits playing Mr Jones w/ Lily
    but Katie wants to watch Wheels on the Bus #
  • @Archy_sailor sounds better than here: gray and rainy, and no sheep. Oh, I think I saw a squirrel! in reply to Archy_sailor #
  • @AlanDistro – LOL. yes, we all know better πŸ™‚ #
  • lunchtime! Hungry cause I gave Katie most of my pancakes for breakfast #
  • looking through @angelsteph 's pics from #CNMC09 great shots! #
  • @MikeKuypers I better have a ustream tab open and ready then πŸ™‚ in reply to MikeKuypers #
  • put Katie in for a nap a few minutes ago. I think she's asleep #
  • ok, well, maybe she is not sleeping. She's been fussing for the last few minutes. There goes my quiet afternoon #
  • RT @mashable HOW TO: Learn and Practice Languages Using Social Media (via @tweetmeme) #
  • recently Katie has been doing what I call the "Captain Picard Shirt Pull" to straighten out her shirt. #startrek #
  • speaking of Picard, here is vid of him singing to Roddenberry, a la "A is for Africa"
    #startrek #
  • watching @realjohngreen 's new vid "Nerdfighter MARRIAGE PROPOSAL"
    soo cute! & new fashion trend #
  • @uncultured Not good to announce it on the WORLD web web. I wonder if anyone is China is going to be watching him 😦 in reply to uncultured #
  • finished some good writing and chatting. beddy-bye time. good night internets! #
  • morning! #
  • RT @FanHouse Looks, Not Tennis, Is Central Factor on Centre Court — Tennis FanHouse #
  • watching @gspn & @fulltimemom and hanging out in the chat #
  • going to lay down for a bit #
  • up and about and feeling better πŸ™‚ #
  • updating to Firefox 3.5 #
  • little princess finally woke up. Looong nap! (yay!) #
  • home from work. now unwinding as I play some tunes #
  • just joined the SQPN Ning , and now going to bed. Good night! #
  • Benny & Joon is now on πŸ˜€
    I know what I'm watching tonight! #
  • While watching opening credits, Kristi says "Oh, Johnny Depp! He was in Pirates of the Caribbean & Finding Neverland". Sounding like me, LOL #
  • @GSPN that's not the kind of weight you want to lose. Wallet will be lighter, LOL in reply to GSPN #
  • Hit by a muse. Benny & Joon will have to wait. Going to write #
  • @QueenofSpain those are really good! a natural eye. Love "For an angel" in reply to QueenofSpain #
  • funny how I don't have much of an idea, but then I sit & start writing down a few words, and BAM! I'm writing and writing and writing #
  • drat! it's late. Got some good ideas down. Now going to bed. g'night! #
  • took care of a small emergency. Kristi woke up with an ear ache. Gave her something for it and a drink of juice. Now trying to go to bed. #
  • good morning! trying to get some work done on one of my sites. WordPress 2.8 upgrade gave me some trouble #
  • smell of crayons fill the air. I turn around and Katie has opened up Kristi's box of crayons and is busy coloring #
  • finding the game Rogue for Kristi to play. #
  • haning out in @Taquoriaan 's live ustream #
  • enjoyed a ncie visit with my cousin & cousin-in-law #
  • experimenting with "Related Posts" WordPress plugin for my blog #
  • home from work. I think everyone in the state came through our store the last couple nights! Glad to be home πŸ™‚ #
  • time for beddy-bye. night! #
  • back from work. thanks goodness it was only half a day. Place was packed! #
  • Happy Fourth! A little bit of history of Declaration of Independence #
  • throwing (almost literally) ingredients together to make pizza dough #
  • bread machine churning away #
  • RT @whitehouse: Lucky enough to have (or be stuck at) a computer? Check the USO concert and fireworks with us #
  • watching classic Bert & Ernie with Katie. Something appropriate before bed & counts sheep #
  • watching NASCAR with their Pit Buddy 4 camera angles at once. very cool. Go 48! πŸ˜€ #
  • …and they're off! #
  • just came back inside from watching neighborhood fireworks with Kristi. Came in when the mosquitoes got out of control. Fun otherwise πŸ™‚ #
  • watching very cool music video for Chameleon Circuit's "An Awful Lot of Running" #doctorwho #
  • RT @leolaporte: AudioBoo: Temple Of Heaven #
  • @dislp38 that sounds painful 😦 eck! Glad it's getting better πŸ™‚ in reply to dislp38 #
  • writing a few ideas of how my main character travels in time. it's getting late so off to bed I go. #writing #timetravel #Rome #

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