Past week's tweets 2009-06-28

  • watching Special Agent OSO w/ Kate on Playhouse Disney site #
  • listening to a Disney podcast, Inside the Magic #219 #
  • had a busy day with family for Father's Day. Now relaxing and clearing out space on computer. #
  • g'night! #
  • time for lunch. don't know what to eat yet… #
  • ate some wheat noodles and a slice of homemade bread. good stuff 🙂 #
  • 95F… with humidity it's probably 100+… eck #
  • good morning! 🙂 #
  • eating lunch. ham sandwich with ice water (dash of lime juice) #
  • time for bed. busy day ahead #
  • home from work. tired. was going to do chores but then remembered I haven't eaten yet. #
  • waiting til 9pm EST to listen to @FatherRoderick on in San Antonio #
  • cooking wheat noodles and fixing a glass of ice water w/ lime juice #pabl #
  • about to listen to @FatherRoderick on who is in San Antonio for the CNMC #cnmc #cnmc09 #
  • chatting in the SQPN ustream room during @FatherRoderick's interview #
  • watching "The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes" #
  • time for bed. I bid you all a good night… #
  • good morning! about to fix some pancakes with blakcberries and rasberries for breakfast. Starved! #
  • finishing pancakes while watching @FatherRoderick 's outdoors ustream from other day in Texas Aw kittens! #
  • time for laundry #
  • cooking dinner #
  • One of my fav MJ songs, little known "Someone in the Dark" from the ET storybook
    song is at :37 #
  • watching live the CNMC in San Antonio TX and chatting with 60+ in the chatroom #cnmc #cnmc09 #
  • @GSPN good luck Cliff! looking forward to hearing your talk 🙂 #cnmc #cnmc09 in reply to GSPN #
  • watching @FatherRoderick and maybe hear @gspn at the CNMC @cnmc @cnmc09 #
  • waving back at @BarbInNebraska 🙂 in reply to BarbInNebraska #
  • @GSPN very good. 🙂 I hope you don't have gremlins! in reply to GSPN #
  • @GSPN I told @FatherRoderick also but he may not see it since he's not in the chat in reply to GSPN #
  • @GSPN I got to see most of your interview before being yanked away by my 2yr old. Great job! 🙂 and no gremlins! #cnmc #cnmc09 #
  • took kids to Burger King. Kristi was hoping to get Pokemon toys. But BK switched to Transformers. She got Ravage, Katie got Bumblebee #
  • Katie loves Bumblebee. She keeps pressing the "transform" sound effects button. Over and over… and over… and over… #
  • going to bed. Had a lot of fun watching the #CNMC earlier today and chatting with people. Maybe actually be there in person next year? Hmm.. #

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