Past week's tweets 2009-06-07

  • while wating for ex, I put in laundry and going to see how much writing I can do. Still working on the Star Trek review followup. #
  • Mark just left with the girls. Hope they have a good time #
  • home from work. Heard that the kids had a good time with their dad. #
  • read that last Titanic survivor died. 97! She was 2 mo old when it sank #
  • good night, one and all! #
  • morning! just ate lunch #
  • morning! folding laundry while Katie is playing #
  • listening to Daily Breakfast “Angels, Demons, Spock and Kirk” #
  • listening to music from No Idle Frets podcast #213 #
  • watching @FatherRoderick live on ustream for a little bit before heading to work #
  • home from work, and ready for my weekend! 😀 #
  • finishing up my dinner and watching @FatherRoderick ‘s Daily Breakfast ustream from earlier today #
  • fixed the small problem of my blog posting both daily and weekly digest tweets. Now it should be just weekly. #
  • gooood morning! 🙂 Already dropped Kristi off at school and took Katie to the store to pick up some things. #
  • watching Wheels on the Bus with Katie…sung with Roger Daltrey? Yup, it’s her generation now 😉 #
  • is singing “There’s a hole in the bucket” to Katie. Here’s the Muppets version that I 1st saw: #
  • @NameCheap Sydney, Australia? in reply to NameCheap #
  • Struggling to find out why my external hard drive is not being seen by my pc. Everything is connected but not showing up in My Computer #
  • good night! will have to tackle hard drive problem tomorrow #
  • good morning! watching kiddie songs on Youtube with Katie #
  • RT @NancySBrandt says RIP David Carradine. #
  • oh, how lovely… Yellow water coming out of the tap! Anyone want a glass? #
  • found this: prayers for this little boy with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) #
  • noticed some of my pants are getting baggy. More fruit and nuts and less sweets does actually work! Just call me fruity and nutty! 😀 #pabl #
  • watching @ipadre on ustream #
  • still working on my Star Trek movie review followup (hard to do any writing with crazy work schedule and kids! ack!) #
  • if you’re into string theory, it’s being discussed on #
  • listening to Pray As You Go’s breathing exercise #pabl #
  • Does Tonight Show’s new backdrop looks like a Super Mario game? and tweet from @BigBley #
  • having fun watching Red Wing and Penguin fans’ tweets #
  • very nice… I can do a Google search for Orlando Magic (Go Magic!!) and find out what the score is jsut by looking at the top search result #
  • Good night! #
  • watching @Father Roderick live on ustream I’m a bit late, already an hour #
  • listening to Travel with Rick Steves podcast “Rome: Beneath the Surface” #
  • raining and 82F #
  • @GSPN love the new look Cliff in reply to GSPN #
  • I like Google’s Tetris logo today. Can it be that the game is 25 years old already? #
  • after a tiring day at work today, I think I’m ready for bed. good night! #
  • home from church. making mac & cheese for the kids. Katie is being really impatient, wanting it *now*! #
  • trying out’s song posting. Should be U2’s Beautiful Day #

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