Past week's tweets 2009-05-31

  • the fam is over and all the kids are running around the house #
  • flashback video: “I’ve Got the Power” by Snap #
  • home from work. watching another fav Sherlock Holmes ep “The Red Headed League” #
  • good morning! 🙂 #
  • helping Kristi with her school paper on cookie cutter sharks #
  • another night of work over. And now my “weekend” begins 😀 #
  • listening to Secrets of Angels and Demons – “Copernicus and Galileo” #
  • continuing to write my review for the Star Trek movie #startrek #
  • watching @realjohngreen share some of his experiences at LeakyCon (Harry Potter conference) #
  • it’s raining, it’s pouring. The old man is ZZZZZZzzzzz…. #
  • cooking beans and rice for dinner. My kids love it 🙂 #
  • folding clothes while watching “The Second Stain” #
  • good night! #
  • reading “The Iron-Nun: Sister Madonna Buder Balances Her Love for Faith and Fitness” #
  • very cool! Youtube has all 3 seasons of Star Trek TOS. For *free* 🙂 #
  • watching “Amok Time” #
  • @MysticKid Thanks 🙂 in reply to MysticKid #
  • home from work. Catching up on tweets/plurks/Facebook. And trying to decide what Sherlock Holmes episode to watch #
  • decided on “Greek Interpreter”
    . Love Sherlock’s brother Mycroft 😀 #
  • time for bed. night! #
  • watching wheels on the Bus vid with Katie. She *loves* it! cross with Madonna’s Ray of Light. #
  • writing a follow up to my Star Trek review #
  • eating dinner and watching Leno’s last Tonight Show #
  • Jay’s last Tonight show was really good! Loved James Taylor simple style and the kids were cute! #
  • and now it’s time for some shut eye! good night 🙂 #
  • morning! #

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