Arrr! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

For the next hour or so anyway!

Ye be walkin’ da plank if ye hadn’t greetin another sea dog wit pirate talk! Arrr….

It’s fun 🙂

What, ye think me makin’ it up, do ye?  Better be drawin’ a sword wit those accusations matey!

Ye can swab the decks now ye land lubber!

Ye need some teachin on how ta talk like a pirate? Pay attention ye of little attention span….

Ye better be hearin’ Dutch priest Father Roderick from SQPN talk of th’ treasures of speakin’ pirate in th’ followin’ podcast or ye be sleepin’ in Davey Jones locker:

Had enough? No? Then ye can be translating any web site and see it in pirate talk

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