Starting over…Again…

After thinking about it, I thought I might as well make the blog my main site and just have what was on the previous site move to my About Me page… when I make one that is :).

The version I’m using at this moment of writing is WordPress 2.6.  There are some nice upgrades, such as autosaving my writing, similar to Gmail.  That is *very* handy.  Especially now that is stormy here in Florida and the power goes out without notice.

I’m also looking for a new theme, and looking around for some.  Particularity ones with blue and round corners.  I have looked through ThemeViewer and have found some nice ones that I will try out later on.

Things here at home have remained constant.  I’m still living with my parents since my new job started and the girls are still with me.  The divorce was finalized May 15.

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