In case you haven’t heard, BUCS WIN THE SUPERBOWL! I lived in Flroida all my life and, although I’m not a sportsd nut, I’ve watched the Bucs get trampled over. So it’s good to see an uderdog team win the big prize 🙂

Other news — I am now using Windows XP :). I was using ME but that thing was causing way to many problems. I am also planning on creating an extra hard drive for Windows 98 so I can use programs, such as games, on it that don’t work with XP. 🙂

Two days ago I got the “smothered” documentary :). It’s about the censorship battles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. I have been a huge fan of Tom and Dick Smothers for over 15 years and this is the first time there has ever been a documentary about them :). So I’m happy. The DVD doesn’t have much more than what was shown on the Bravo network, but it’s nice to have, especailly since I wasn’t able to tape it when it was on in December. For any Smothers fans out there, I do run a forum at

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