I decided to write about what I’m thankful for… what’s sometimes called a Gratitude Journal.

Today went …well…it went ;). Mark and I have been having trouble communicating but we did make some headway today. It was a good example of how when one person means something one way, it gets interpreted different by the other person. Like when I would say I cleaned the bathroom, I don’t mean I cleaned the whole thing but I was in the bathroom cleaning. He would, understandable, think I meant the whole room and then get mad at me thinking that I lied to him. From now on, I’ll have to be a bit more specific.

I enjoyed having some quiet time today. With Kristi in school now (growing so fast!) I have a couple hours to think clearly. Only a couple hours because it takes some time to get Mark out of bed and out the door, and then he comes home for lunch, sometimes, shortly before I need to leave to pick up Kristi.

My adult group for the Cleft Club is going oalong pretty good…. a few posts a day now for a few days in a row! The teen group is also picking up a little now too. And the main group is moving along good too :).

Well, that’s all I have time for now. Mark has already complained about me still being up so I guess it’s a good time to get to sleep.

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