Hello there! Well, this is my very first blog entry. I’ve had an online diary before, but it got wiped out. But this is my first blog.

I’ve known about Blooger for some time but after watching Call for Help’s talk about it, I decided “Hey why not start one?” So here it is.

For some background on me, I’m 29, mom of one, and a webmaster for 5 site domains, Calvero’s Depot which is my personal site, Chaplin Fans Unite! which is a Charlie Chaplin fan site. It’s sister site is Comedy Classics Forums which is a messageboard for fans of classic comedians. There’s also Born to be Cleft 🙂 which is my experiences of being born with a cleft lip and cleft palate which are two types of craniofacial conditions, (I was born with a hole in my top lip and another hole in the top of my mouth). I also run the Cleft Club which is a cleftlip and cleft palate support group. I have other ideas planned to write about, but here I’ll just post about random thoughts I have. The more organized thoughts are at my sites 🙂

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